I do not have unbelievably low self esteem, I am actually fairly confident most of the time, obviously I have my low days, but who does not? People who judge books by their cover (I am guilty for that) usually think I am either a super bitch because I rarely talk to them and when I do it comes out very awkward, or they think that I am crazy super shy.
Well I am neither. I rarely talk when I first meet people because I am not a great conversationalist so I just end up looking like an idiot. I also have trouble trying to be interested in what new people are taking about, I find my self saying "yeah, oh cool, ya that is great..oh oops I mean that's awful". I am not really sure if I reply like that due to the possibility of me having ADD or due to the face that I am actually a bitch and I just do not care about what the person is getting on with.

I am also not as negative as I made my self out to be on the main page. Granted, you will probably only see negativity here because this will hopefully be my new ranting place!

Anyway, this is a short one because it took be about 2 hours to find a decent website that looked some what cool and not overly confusing. I somehow got lost on tumblr, that is probably because it is 1:30 in the morning and I am super tired, because usually I am pretty decent when it comes to computers. So bed time, I need some sleep because tomorrow is going to be a super rad day filled with gun shooting and then rock climbing! Woo!

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