I don't care when people have parties and make tons of noise, I don't care if people are fighting, I don't care about loud music. But fuck, why are you shooting off fire works on a Tuesday?? I vill kill.

I went shopping today! I don't shop too often, but I just got a new job and it is so close to great clothing stores and I accidentally keep spending my tip money there. Sadly, I am awful at buying clothes (which is why I never shop) I am terrible at matching and finding what looks good on me, I just buy random things and a bunch of plain shirts, I end up making a perfectly me-like unmatching outfit. I just a lot of stares. I wonder if it is because I am dressed like an overgrown 4 year old who failed at dressing themselves and covered in tattoos. I get some weird looks. Oddly enough I am a hairstylist, I am supposed to be good at this stuff. But no. Not one bit!

I love hair styling, I love cutting hair. I wish it paid more though. I mean I get paid pretty well for a 23 year old with a dog and a cat. But if I accidentally got knocked up once or twice I would be fucked. Completely fucked. I would never be able to travel. I have never left the country and I want to see the world, and when I have children I want to take them to see the world. I don't believe that when you have children you should stop living and stop your entire life, that is not the way life works. You take them with you and show them the world. Yes life if different when kids, but you still have to make it worth it. Which is why I think about going back to school and maybe taking computer science or computer engineering. To bad there are sooo many different computer courses. I really would like to do something IT related, but I don't want to just go do some college program, I want to get a University degree so in the end I actually have multiple options instead of just a few. I can never make up my mind on what to do though. In the past year I have a 6 or 7 COMPLETELY different career paths that I was interested in. I think I just really want to have the university experience more then anything. Too bad I probably never will. My high school grades were terrible because I went to terrible schools and the teachers were awful. They kind of just made be feel like I was a complete idiot all the time (I hate the school system, but I won't get in to that right now). I am trying to upgrade but it is so expensive and working full time makes it so hard. If they were classes that you go to it would be better, but I am just doing the at home courses. I guess I could be doing it right now...but instead I am doing this and watching friends. 

ANYWAY, I am sweating and I really want some chocolate so I will get it. Yum. I really should go rock climbing instead, but no, chocolate is where its at.

Peace out hoes.

PS: Why can't I call people cunts if I want to? Stupid 

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